Reach for the Cloud

Reach for the Cloud

Open up new channels and accelerate time-to-revenue with APS

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APS helps you integrate and accelerate cloud app sales in an ever-expanding marketplace

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With APS, app integration can be versatile and creative instead of cumbersome and messy

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The Cloud-Ready Standard


An app packaging standard for accelerating distribution and maximizing cloud revenues

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Participating Partners

Participating Partners
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The BuzzTheBuzz

  • KPN

    Business Situation: KPN Wholesale needed a platform to enable its distributors and VARs to offer cloud-based application services quickly and easily.

    Solution: With its APS-based solution, KPN achieves full operational and commercial service automation, allowing it to build new revenue streams through its wholesale customers. ISVs can get their software into the cloud, and distributors and resellers can add applications quickly and cost effectively.

    Benefits: Parallels Automation and APS are helping KPN:

    • Generate new revenue streams for its wholesale business
    • Tailor application offerings to individual distributor, reseller and market requirements

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  • Insight and McAfee
    Insight and McAfee

    Insight is a provider of IT hardware, software and services with a cloud offering under the InsightCloud label, including McAfee, a leading provider of security services.

    Business Situation: Insight aimed to automate the process of cloud provisioning, billing and scaling.

    Solution: Using Parallels Automation, Insight consolidated a wide range of self-service cloud products into a single portal. McAfee package its existing cloud services using APS, making its solutions available to any APS-enabled service provider.

    Benefits: APS helped to achieve:

    • Increased revenue and extended reach for both Insight and McAfee
    • Reduced cost of manual provisioning and order fulfillment, and reduced billing churn

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  • Mozy

    Mozy is a widely used online data access and backup service with more than 3 million customer around the globe.

    Business Situation: The Mozy team needed a way to make it easier for customers to provision their APS packages without having to click through multiple screens.

    Solution: Mozy was able to implement its desired business model while also streamlining the user provisioning process by decoupling the service offering structure from the provisioning interface.

    Benefits: The business benefits include:

    • Enhanced user experience, increased activation rates, fewer customer support tickets
    • Empowering developers to control the user experience in a much more compelling manner

    View the full case study

  • Backup Agent
    Backup Agent

    BackupAgent is a leading provider of online backup software with more than 400 partners in more than 50 countries around the world.

    Business Situation: BackupAgent needed a way to easily integrate its product with Parallels Automation, used by many of its hosting vendor reseller customers for provisioning and billing.

    Solution: Packaging BackupAgent in APS enabled the company's resellers to instantly integrate BackupAgent with Parallels Automation, without having to write any custom integration code.

    Benefits: APS helped BackupAgent achieve:

    • Significant growth in its reseller base, and increased speed in adding new resellers
    • Happier resellers, who experienced faster time-to-market, higher revenues, and reduced churn

    View the full case study

  • Mailprotector

    Mailprotector provides cloud-based email security, management and hosting services through the channel to businesses, government entities and nonprofit organizations around the globe.

    Business Situation: Mailprotector needed a fast, easy way of expanding its business internationally through the integration of its solution into the infrastructures of leading web hosting companies all over the world.

    Solution: Mailprotector uses APS, founded by Parallels, to quickly and easily integrate with the Parallels Automation platforms of partners such as fast-growing Brazilian web hoster Websolute.

    Benefits: APS and Parallels Automation are helping Mailprotector to:

    • Dramatically accelerate time-to-market and extend market reach
    • Offer hosters a profitable revenue building opportunity

    View the full case study

  • SpamExperts

    SpamExperts is a leading provider of server-side spam-filtering software to web hosters all over the world.

    Business Situation: SpamExperts needed to make it faster and easier for hosting providers to integrate its solution into their infrastructures.

    Solution: SpamExperts is utilizing APS, jointly developed by Parallels, to deploy its solutions through Parallels Automation partners such as leading Dutch web hosting provider Hostnet.

    Benefits: APS and Parallels Automation are helping SpamExperts:

    • Get to market quickly through fast, easy integration of its email security solution with the Parallels Automation platform
    • Significantly broaden its market reach via the global Parallels service provider and software vendor ecosystem

    ​View the full case study

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